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Yamada Consulting & Spire

Phone: +1 (208) 890-7991
Email: dan@yamadaconsulting.com
Website: www.yamada-spire.com
LinkedIn: Yamada-Spire
Facebook: Yamadaspire

Y&S is a leading Business Consulting Agency for M&A, Growth Strategy and Market Research.

We provide diversified and quality business consulting services to multinationals and government agencies looking to capitalize on opportunities in Asia, and local Asian firms internationalizing their business. We also specialize in helping Japanese companies seeking market growth in the region.

We enable our clients to thrive, through our combined expertise in cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and growth consulting, all backed by our deep market knowledge and research capabilities.

Market Research

Y&S is your compass for understanding industry trends, customer behaviors, and the intricacies of public policy, enabling data-driven decisions and informed strategies.

Growth Advisory

Y&S empowers businesses with tailored guidance in areas like business growth, 
go-to-market strategies, innovation, and comprehensive due diligence, helping you reach new heights.

M&A Advisory

Y&S offers a full spectrum of M&A expertise, from pre-M&A consulting to post-M&A support, ensuring seamless transitions and maximizing the value of every deal.