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USAEDC is the leading trade association serving U.S. agriculture in the international marketplace.


Membership in USAEDC is open to U.S. trade associations and other organizations and companies with an interest in the promotion of U.S. agricultural exports; individual memberships are not available.

All membership applications are approved by the Board of Directors. There are four membership categories.

Cooperator Members: for those groups that have entered into an export promotion program agreement with USDA/FAS.

Associate Members: for other agricultural organizations which have a major interest in the export of agricultural products or may be eligible to enter into export program agreements with FAS/USDA.

Access the Cooperator or Associate Membership Application here.

Allied Members: for those organizations that perform administrative tasks on behalf of any Cooperator Member and these tasks comprise the majority of their work.

Affiliate Members: for those organizations that have provided market development services for a period of not less than two years on behalf of any Cooperator Member.

Access the Allied or Affiliate Membership Application here.



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USAEDC is an organization whose more than 100 members are national U.S. commodity trade associations, farmer cooperatives and state regional trade groups, representing most producers of food, fiber and seafood.

We work very closely with USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) in developing, expanding and maintaining markets worldwide. USAEDC assists members in their export promotion efforts, specifically those leveraging export promotion programs through the USDA FAS.

USAEDC serves as an information resource for its members on regulatory and legislative issues that may impact their ability to export their products. USAEDC also serves as the positive media voice for export development programs and our cooperator community. We also provide a platform for our members and the USDA to engage on topics related to foreign market development and trade policy.