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TradeMoves LLC

Supporting Cooperators and their Members’ Export Priorities

TradeMoves has served U.S. agriculture, food companies and industry associations since 2006, providing intelligence and insights on various aspects of cross-border trade: tariffs/taxes, regulatory requirements, geopolitics, sustainability, and health and well-being; advising on sourcing and supply strategies; and developing trade tools for export planning, advocacy and execution.

Global Intelligence, Insights & Strategic Support

In late 2022, the team conducted an assessment of U.S. food exporters’ readiness to comply with new and proposed packaging and packaging waste requirements in foreign markets. In 2021-2022, they undertook an interim review of the impact of the Agriculture Trade Promotion program, along with case studies highlighting cooperators’ unique approaches to expand U.S. exports using the ATP program. TradeMoves is currently working on the development of the GBI-funded front-of-pack nutritional labeling and eco-labeling database with USAEDC member, Food Directions LLC, slated for launch in early 2024.

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Shawn Marie Jarosz, Founder & Chief Trade Strategist


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