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Orrani Consulting

9975 Wadsworth Pkwy, Unit K2-210
Westminster, CO 80021-6814
Phone: + 1 (303) 908-7274
Annette Brune
Email: annette.brune@orrani.com
Richard Field
Email: richard.field@orrani.com

The staff at Orrani Consulting are your global partners.

They are a leading international consultancy, specializing in strategic consulting and market insight work in the global agribusiness, food, beverage and ingredient sectors.  Orrani Consulting helps organizations and their members to identify opportunities, combat threats, and evaluate their performance in international markets.  They assist clients in entering new markets, and to strengthen their business in existing markets. Orrani Consulting offers a truly global and interdisciplinary approach.

A History with Global Clients

Orrani Consulting has been operating since 1993 and became an independent business in 2003.  They have an absolute commitment to meeting the requirements of customers of all sizes – their customer base is global, and many of their clients have been with them from the start.

Orrani Consulting has been working for U.S. cooperators and similar international industry bodies for more than 20 years and continue to serve the cooperator community with a variety of projects including:

  • Customer perception and satisfaction research
  • Strategic consultancy, planning and program evaluation
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Market insights research
  • Business partner research & assessments / due diligence
  • Trade analysis and market quantification
  • Route-to-market evaluation
  • Logistics consulting
  • Competitor analysis
  • Intellectual Property evaluations

Their work is extremely varied, but ultimately Orrani Consulting is known for their:

  • Specialization in global food supply chain issues
  • Genuine global experience and capabilities
  • Long-standing client commitments
  • Senior level customer engagements

Projects are highly diverse, potentially addressing core strategic issues and refining decision-making or supporting marketing and business development.  They range from brief assignments (weeks, months or even days!) to ongoing programs.

Trusted Partners

Since 1993, Orrani Consulting has been working with their network of in-market and sector experts and subject matter specialists to help customers to address their most important challenges – and to avoid re-inventing the wheel when they do so.

As trusted global partners, they are uniquely positioned to help their customers tackle their international business challenges, whether globally, regionally or in individual markets – from Aruba to Zimbabwe, and almost every market in between.  In particular, Orrani Consulting has done numerous projects in fast-changing markets across regions such as Asia, Africa, Middle East, Central and South America.

To learn more about Orrani Consulting, or explore how they can help your organization, please have a closer look at their website at www.orrani.com, or contact them for an informal chat about your possible requirements at annette.brune@orrani.com or richard.field@orrani.com.

You can connect with them on LinkedIn, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.