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Lori Garcia-McGehee
Email: lori@mill-marketing.com
LinkedIn: Lori Garcia-McGehee, MBA

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Although she was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, and is a bonafide “city girl,” Lori Garcia-McGehee spent the majority of her 20+ year marketing career helping agricultural groups promote their products internationally. She has applied her marketing prowess to a variety of U.S. agriculture products, such as potatoes, honey, and ginseng, to name a few.

She opened Millennium Marketing in 2000 and focuses on her niche, international marketing, with a particular specialty in helping clients market products in Asia.

Strategy for Maximum Impact

In recent years, she was part of a team conducting a market assessment in Mexico. With a master’s in marketing and strategy, she has helped her clients direct their programs for maximum impact. This strategic background helps her to write succinct and impactful Unified Export Strategy documents for FAS. Also, she evaluates her client programs annually. Recently, she added a compliance/accounting specialist to her team.

“Our industry is grateful to Lori for the funds she has helped us access through the Foreign Agricultural Service market development programs,” says Robert Kaldunski, Ginseng Board president. He went on to say that, “The MAP, TASC, QSP, and MAP programs have been very helpful to our small industry.”