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FTA International

Ernesto Baron
Phone: +1(404) 273-1574
Email: ebaron@ftainternational.com
Website: www.ftainternational.com
LinkedIn: Ernesto Baron

FTA International assists its clients in identifying market opportunities, navigating business and regulatory environments, building alliances and partnerships, and increasing the use of products and services in the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

President Ernesto Baron leads a team of international associates who have developed in-depth knowledge of the Latin American and Caribbean markets over the past 25 years. They use this knowledge to help clients plan strategically for maximum return on marketing activities, and work with local governments and trade contacts to grow clients’ market presence.

Trade Consulting, Market Access & Market Development

With offices in Atlanta, Guatemala City, Bogota, and Lima, FTA International leverages its relationships throughout Latin America and the Caribbean to help clients navigate trade between those markets and the U.S.

We specialize in trade consulting, market access assistance, and market development, and work to help clients take full advantage of the free trade agreements in place throughout the Americas as well as conducting projects in compliance with USDA cooperator programs such as MAP/FMD/QSP/GBI/RAPP/ATP.