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GreenOrange, LLC
Benno van der Laan
Phone: +1(202)-256-6545
Email: benno@greenorangeglobal.com

GreenOrange, LLC Europe
David Green
Phone: +(44-77)-9541-4329
Email: david@greenorangeglobal.com

Website: www.greenorangeglobal.com

GreenOrange offers information, analysis, and advice tailored to their clients, and designs and executes communication and advocacy programs, sharing their experience in agriculture, new technology, food safety, sustainability, natural resources, and chemicals.

Partners Benno van der Laan and David Green have worked on international issues management, public policy and NGO analysis, and advocacy programs for over twenty-five years. GreenOrange has particular experience with public policy and international market access issues in Europe, Turkey, North and South America, and selected countries in Africa and Southeast Asia.

Policy Analysis & Tracking

New policy initiatives, draft legislation and regulations often constitute obstacles to market access for products and services in different countries around the world. GreenOrange will map and research policy and market access issues and help you understand the potential impact on your business.

Stakeholder Engagement

New policy and legislation as drafted and adopted by governments are influenced by a wide range of stakeholders, including your competitors, suppliers and customers, NGOs, media, trade associations and ‘bloggers’. GreenOrange will identify all stakeholders and their roles and influence, and design appropriate communications and engagement strategies.

International Issue Management

GreenOrange helps its clients with a complete diagnosis of their issues and the development of comprehensive plans to help manage or resolve them.

Advocacy Programs

GreenOrange designs comprehensive advocacy programs in the countries of interest. Those programs will include outreach to policy makers and engagement strategies with other influential stakeholders.