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DTB AgriTrade

Washington, DC
Phone: +1 (202) 684-2512
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Website: www.dtb-agritrade.com
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DTB AgriTrade specializes in supporting clients navigating the complexities of food and agricultural trade policy, trade negotiations, regulatory issues affecting market access, and related market development strategies. DTB works with a wide variety of clients, including Cooperators, agricultural associations, companies, and industry coalitions.

Market Access, Monitoring & Analysis

DTB AgriTrade helps clients understand and analyze policies that may disrupt their trade goals. A seemingly growing list of tariff administration problems, subsidies, sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures, and other non-tariff barriers continue to create obstacles to agricultural trade. DTB has a thorough and practical knowledge of the applicable provisions of the WTO, trade agreements, and regulations that govern these issues, and how trade rules and negotiations can be used successfully to challenge such restrictions.

Negotiations & Enforcement

Trade commitments form the basis for much of what DTB AgriTrade does, so it is important to ensure that agreements are done right. They help clients through the negotiation process to ensure their goals are reflected in the final outcome. After agreements are finalized, enforcement is key to making sure agreements function well. DTB AgriTrade has helped its clients solve, mitigate, and fight a multitude of policies that would increase trade uncertainty and reduce income for farmers and companies that rely on global markets.

Business Support

DTB AgriTrade offers business support to clients for certain trade policy-related activities. They provide administrative support for several export trading companies (ETC) that manage tariff rate quotas and provide funds for capacity building and market development. Funds are provided through proceeds from auctioning tariff rate quota share.

DTB also advises exporters and importers on rules and regulations applying to shipments of agricultural products to and from the U.S. market and can provide support on other trade-related business functions as needed.