California Pistachios Now Available in Airports Worldwide

California Pistachios Now Available in Airports Worldwide

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California Pistachios

Travelers around the globe are now snacking on California pistachios thanks to an innovative promotional campaign spearheaded by the Cal-Pure cooperative targeting the travel retail sector. Duty-free shops at international airports and cruise ships present a unique opportunity to reach millions of consumers looking for convenient and healthy snacks while traveling.

Cal-Pure Produce is an agriculture cooperative established in 1992 to market and sell its member organization’s pistachios domestically and overseas. The cooperative’s pistachios are sourced from hundreds of small growers, nearly all of which are rural small and medium size businesses. To expand their reach to global markets, Cal-Pure employs export promotion funds on a cost-share basis administered by the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service.

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In 2019, Wonderful Pistachios reached an international agreement with Lagardère, a large French travel retail organization, accelerating distribution worldwide. This has led to 70 new listings in Europe, Saudi Arabia, and Réunion island. Sales distribution has also expanded in Hong Kong, with eight new locations, including airports and train stations alike. Additionally, Wonderful Pistachios are featured in Aruba, Cairns, Gold Coast, and Venezuelan airports.

With these additions, distribution in the travel retail sector has reached 298 locations in 56 countries. Meanwhile, Wonderful Pistachios is expanding their selection of products. The cooperative recently launched the first No Shell pistachio product in the travel retail channel, which is growing in popularity. Due to their success in the international marketplace, Cal-Pure is expanding its line of premium, multi-language Wonderful Pistachios packages designed for travelers and implementing innovative point-of-purchase displays highlighting healthy California pistachios.

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Fast Facts

Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds helped underwrite the California Central Valley’s first charter school, the Wonderful College Prep Academy, targeting historically underserved students and preparing middle school and high school students for college and beyond. They also spearheaded the Central Valley’s first LEED-certified pre-school created to introduce the youngest members of the community to a lifetime of learning.

Sustainability Spotlight

Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds has been operating under solar power since 2007, when they opened the then-largest single-site, privately-owned solar plant in the U.S. The alternative power generated by the plant eases the burden on the California power grid while reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

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