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USDA-MAP Funding Assists California Table Grape Retail Expansion in Taiwan



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Grab and Eat California grapes with mini-mascots in Taiwan

In Taiwan, the convenience store channel continues to grow as an important outlet for fresh food purchases. In 2016, the California Table Grape Commission strategically targeted a large convenience store chain to stock and promote California grapes as a grab and eat healthy food option. The first California grape “Grab and Eat” fruit cup promotion in 2016 involved 1,800 stores within the targeted chain, and was supported by USDA-MAP-funded California grape point-of-purchase (POP) on-pack stickers. In 2017, the promotion grew to 2,700 stores within the chain. In October through December 2018, the participating store number was again 2,700, with plans to expand to 3,500 stores in 2019 with the “Grab and Eat” fruit cup and POP on-pack stickers. Along with California POP fruit cup and on-pack stickers in the 2,700 stores, California grape posters, and mini mascots were used at the point-of-sale in six targeted high traffic urban and residential stores within the chain. California grape chain-wide volume prior to the promotion was 5,590 19-pound boxes; this grew to 30,510 19-pound boxes during the promotion, an increase of 445 percent. Chain-wide California grape volume in 2018 was 36,100 19-pound boxes; an increase of 8 percent over 2017 volume. The return on investment for the 2018 “Grab and Eat” promotion was $29 for every USDA-MAP dollar spent on the activity. Total targeted chain-wide volume during the 2018 season was 553,915 19-pound boxes, an 8 percent increase over 2017 volume. USDA data for California grape exports to Taiwan May through December 2018 reported 1,996,161 19-pound boxes (17,203 metric tons), with an export value of $45.4 million, an increase over 2017 same-period export volume of 15.8 percent, and 25 percent over 2017 export value.