USAEDC's approximately 80 members are U.S. commodity trade associations, farmer cooperatives and state regional trade groups from around the country, representing the interests of growers and processors of a variety of U.S. agricultural products. They have come together under the USAEDC umbrella to assist them in their export promotion efforts, specifically those in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service. These members have signed program agreements with the Commodity Credit Corporation through the Foreign Agricultural Service/U.S. Department of Agriculture and are the only members represented here. There are other groups representing U.S. agricultural interests that are identified as Associate, Allied and Affiliate members of USAEDC but are not represented here.

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

Wild, Natural and Sustainable

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.jpg

Almond Board of California

Represents entire California Almond industry in making almonds essential worldwide

Almond Board of CA.JPG

American Hardwood Export Council

Giving U.S. Hardwood Exporters the Edge

American Hardwood Export Council.jpg

American Peanut Council

APC logo.gif

American Pistachio Growers

Represents growers, processors & industry partners in CA, AZ & NM.

American Pistachio Growers.jpg

American Seed Trade Assn.

Better Seed. Better Crops. Better Quality of Life.

American Seed Trade Association.jpg

American Sheep Industry

Promoting U.S. wool and sheepskins in global markets.

American Sheep Industry.jpg

American Soybean Assn

Implementation partners to US Soybean Export Council

American Soybean Assn-ASAIM.jpg (1)

American Sweet Potato Marketing Institute

American Sweet Potato Council-logo.gif

APA-Engineered Wood Assn

APA-Engineered Wood.jpg

Blue Diamond Growers

Marketing and processing cooperative owned by over half of CA almond growers.

Blue Diamond Growers.jpg

Brewers Association


California Agricultural Export Council

CAEC logo-cropped.jpg

California Cherry Board

cherries small.jpg

California Cling Peach Board

Representing CA growers & promoting CA Cling Peach consumption in the US, Mexico & Canada


California Dried Plum Board

The Whole Package

CA Dried Plums-logo-cropped.bmp

California Fresh Fruit Association


California Pear Advisory Board


California Table Grape Commission

Goal: Create demand for CA table grapes

California Table Grape Commission.jpg

California Walnut Commission

Natural Defenders of the Human Body

California Walnut Commission.jpg

Cherry Marketing Institute

Cherry Mktg Ins-logo.png

Cotton Council International

Dedicated to promoting exports of U.S. cotton fiber and fashion

Cotton Council International.jpg

Cranberry Mktg Committee

Representing over 50 cranberry handlers and 1250 cranberry growers throughout the U.S.

cranberries logo art.JPG

Dist.Spirits Council of theUS

National trade association representing America’s leading distillers.

Distilled Spirits Council of the US.jpg

Florida Department of Citrus

A Florida state agency providing marketing, research and regulation of its citrus industry.

Florida Department of Citrus.jpg

Florida Tomato Committee


Food Export- Midwest

Provides programs/services to drive exports & turn small US co.'s into global brands.

Food Export Assn-Midwest.JPG

Food Export– Northeast

Provides programs/services to drive exports & turn small US co.'s into global brands.

Food Export Assn-Northeast.JPG

Georgia Pecan Growers Association

Nature's Health Food


Ginseng Board of Wisconsin

Ginseng Board of Wisconsin.jpg

Hop Growers of America

A proud tradition dating back to the late 19th century

USA Hops-logo.jpg

Intertribal Agriculture Council


Leather Industries of America


Mohair Council of America


National Association of State Depts. of Agriculture

Representing all states


National Confectioners Assn

Our candy is made with U.S. agricultural commodities. Visit

National Confectioners Association.jpg

National Hay Association

Nat'l Hay Assn-logo.jpg

National Renders Assn


National Sunflower Assn

Farmer and industry organization improving the profitability of sunflowers for all sectors.


National Watermelon Promotion Board

Watermelon...Healthy & Delicious. Every Day.

Nat'l Watermelon-logo.png

New York Wine & Grape Fdn.

New York Wine Grape Foundation.jpg

North American Export Grain Association, Inc.


North American Millers' Association

The link between grain and goodness


Northwest Wine Coalition


NW Cherry Growers/WA State Fruit Comm

Taste the Difference

NWcherries .jpg

Organic Trade Association

Cultivating a strong organic industry since 1985

OTA - logo-cropped.jpg

Pear Bureau Northwest

Develops markets and conducts promotions for fresh USA Pears grown in OR and WA.

Pear Bureau Northwest.jpg

Pet Food Institute (PFI)

The voice of the pet food industry. PFI members make 98% of U.S. cat and dog food.

Pet Food Institute.jpg

Raisin Admin Committee

3,000 growers promoting California raisins in global markets.

Raisin Admin Committee.jpg

Softwood Export Council

Promoting the expansion of export markets for softwood products manufactured in the US

SoftwoodExportCouncil Logo.jpg

South. Forest Products As.

Since 1915, dedicated to advancing the Southern Pine lumber industry.


Southern U.S. Trade Assn

SUSTA helps southern U.S. exporters promote high-value food and agricultural products.

SUSTA Logo.jpg

Sunkist Growers

A cooperative of family farms since 1983™

Sunkist Growers.jpg

Synergistic Hawaii Ag Council

Hawaii Floriculture,Nursery, Papaya & Coffee


The Popcorn Board

Representing processors of US popcorn, a whole-grain, versatile snack.

The Popcorn Board.jpg (1)

United States Potato Board

Growers in all 50 states; promotes US potato consumption around the world.


US Apple Export Council

US Apple Ex logo-adjusted.jpg

US Dairy Export Council

World Class Quality Everywhere in the World

U.S. Dairy-logo (1).gif

US Dry Bean Council

Private trade assn represents growers, shippers, canners,packagers of US-grown edible beans

US Dry Beans.jpg

US Grains Council

Developing Markets Enabling Trade Improving Lives


US Hide,Skin& Leather Assn

Promoting the U.S. Hide, Skin and Leather Industry at Home and Abroad.

US Hide, Skin Leather Assn.jpg

US Livestock Gen.Export,Inc

Better serving world mkts w/ superior livestock genetics from leading US breeders

US Livestock Genetics Exports.jpg

US Meat Export Federation

Putting US Meat on the World's Table

USMeat Export Federation.jpg

US Soybean Export Council

US SOY for a growing world

USSEC image.jpg

US Wheat Associates, Inc.

USW works in more than 100 international markets representing U.S. wheat producers.

US Wheat Associates.jpg

USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council


USA Poultry & Egg Export Council

Dedicated to increasing exports of U.S. poultry and eggs worldwide

USAPEEC logo.png

USA Rice Federation

Represents & promotes export growth for all segments of the US rice industry.

USA Rice Federation.jpg

WA Apple Commission

Celebrating 75 years of promoting “The Best Apples on Earth”.™

Washington Apple Commission.jpg


National Grape Coop. Assn. –WELCH FOODS, INC.– Family Farmer Owned


Western Growers Association

Western Growers-logo.png

Western U.S. Ag Trade Assn

We Can Make the World Your Customer!

Western US Agricultural Trade Assn.jpg

Wine Institute

Represents wineries from the beautiful & diverse wine regions throughout CA.

Wine Institute.jpg

Wonderful Pistachios and Almonds