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Potato Festival Celebrates Versatility in Indonesia



Attachment Spud Success 15-16 FS6 Malang Festival Indonesia


Indonesia Malang Festival Gardenia - Flyer

Fifty-three new menu items launched during the “Malang U.S. Potato Festival” in Indonesia this past year demonstrated that the versatility message about U.S. potatoes is being heard loud and clear in this developing market. The Malang Festival was part of an ongoing effort by Potatoes USA to introduce new uses, applications and new potato products to both current and new distribution channels. The event was introduced in November 2015 to potential participants via a potato seminar and cooking demonstration conducted in cooperation with AKPRINDO, the Malang branch of the Café & Restaurant Association. Participants were then invited to develop their own unique dishes and participate in the potato festival promotion during January-February 2016.