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MAP Funds Assist in Increasing California Grape Export Volume to Japan



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Japan display sampling table 2018

Trade education on USDA-MAP-funded promotional opportunities resulted in increased Japanese retail chain participation during the 2018-19 season. Also, additional USDA-MAP retail promotional funds were directed to Japan to extend the California grape selling season, resulting in earlier and later retail participation. During the 2018-19 season, 62 targeted retail chains in Japan, representing 512 retail stores, participated in California grape promotional activities using USDA-MAP funds; an increase from 32 retail chains and 439 retail stores participating in 2017-18. In-store sampling demonstrations were the most widely utilized activity during the three-month promotional period. California grape point-of-purchase materials were also widely used. Season-long California retail volume in the targeted chains grew by 48 percent, to 839,268 19-pound boxes in 2018-19, versus 567,112 boxes the prior year. The return on investment for the promotional period was $86 for every USDA-MAP dollar spent on the program. According to USDA export data, during the May through January 2018-19 season, total California grape exports to Japan grew by 21 percent, to 2,076,438 19-pound boxes (17,895 metric tons), for an export value of $44.5 million.