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California Table Grapes See Volume Gains in Filipino Wet Markets with MAP-Funded Promotions



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Along with hypermarkets and supermarkets, the California Table Grape Commission has a long-term strategy to increase sales among traditional markets (wet markets) in the Philippines, which are forecast to represent 35.5 percent of fresh grape sales in 2018 . California grape promotional activities for the traditional markets in the Philippines are designed as incentives to carry, promote, and to allocate larger display space, and USDA-MAP-funded California grape point-of-purchase (POP) materials are used throughout the season to attract consumer purchase. In November and December 2017, USDA-MAP funds were utilized for an incentive display promotion with 48 Filipino wet markets (340 stalls) featuring Christmas-themed California grape POP materials to increase grape volume movement. November and December promotional volume was 76,500 19-pound boxes of California grapes; an increase of 215 percent over the pre-display volume of 24,231 boxes. Total volume via wet markets during the promotion, and through the season, was 186,755 19-pound boxes. This was an increase of 10 percent over the 2016 total season wet market results – 168,956 19-pound boxes – and up substantially over the first year (2014) that promotions were conducted in wet markets, which resulted in sales of 9,602 19-pound boxes. The return on investment for the two-month wet market promotion was $135 for every USDA-MAP dollar spent. USDA – Economic Research Service (USDA-ERS) in 2015 showed that each dollar of agricultural exports stimulated another $1.27 in business activity. Using that multiplier, the MAP-funded Filipino wet market promotion generated an additional $1.7 million in U.S. business activity . The California fresh grape industry exported 35.8 percent of the total volume produced in 2017, and USDA-MAP funding is critically important to the continued success of the California table grape export program.