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Horticultural Crops

Korea  Sales Competition-CJ freshway

South Korea Sales Competition Rebuilds Potato Market Share04/12/2017

During MY 15/16, a Korean campaign by the potato industry to rebuild lost market share not only achieved its goal of regaining the U.S.’ market position, but also developed new dis... READ MORE »

Korea Presentation CJ Premix

Korean Presentations Spark Unique Applications for Potatoes4/12/2017

One-on-one menu presentations with companies in South Korea continues to be one of the most effective tactics utilized by Potatoes USA in integrating U.S. frozen, dehydrated and f... READ MORE »

Panama Field Prep, August 2016 046

International Seed Potato Marketing Program Seeks Out New Opportunities04/12/2017

Potato USA’s seed export program continued to tap new opportunities for U.S. seed potato exports last year, driving an estimated $3.8 million and 4,624 metric tons in sales to all ... READ MORE »

China 020 promotion2

International Retail Marketing Program Hikes Global Sales of All Potato Products3/21/17

Retailers targeted by the Potatoes USA’s international retail marketing program conducted 95 promotions last year that increased U.S. table-stock potato sales by at least 75%. Than... READ MORE »