Below are positions that are currently available within the cooperator community. Please scroll down to see all positions. CLICK HERE to submit a job for posting on this page.



U.S. Grains Council: Country Director in the Mexico City, Mexico office

May 20, 2019



American Soybean Association: Market research in Kenya

May 7, 2019



American Soybean Association: Soy promotion campaign in Uganda

April 30, 2019



American Soybean Association: Soy promotion campaign in Ghana

April 30, 2019



American Seed Trade Association: Kenya Seed Multiplication and Production

April 22, 2019



American Feed Industry Association: Manager of Market Access & Trade Policy

April 17, 2019



American Soybean Association: Market Research in Burkina Faso

April 15, 2019 



American Seed Trade Association: EU Plant Breeding Innovation Project

April 9, 2019



Potatoes USA: Assistant International Marketing Manager

April 5, 2019



U.S. Grains Council: Global Regulatory Harmonization Project Coordinator

April 3, 2019



U.S. Grains Council: Plant Breeding Innovation Global Project Coordinator

April 3, 2019



U.S. Soybean Export Council: Industry Relations Coordinator 

March 28, 2019



American Soybean Association: Latin American Representative

March 14, 2019



Bryant Christie, Inc: Manager, International Marketing Accounts

March 8, 2019



Food Export Midwest and NE: Communications Manager

March 6, 2019



Food Export USA - Northeast: Finance Manager

January 29, 2019



USA Poultry & Egg Export Council: Executive Assistant / Meeting Planner

January 28, 2019