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Calgary Stampedes for New York




MAP funds were used to support a special tasting event held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in November 2015. This was followed by a buyer’s tour in May 2016 and our participation in the GBI program in California in October 2016. Discussions continued and wines have been ordered for this summer and for events to take place in the fall of 2017. The purpose of all of these events was to increase awareness among the Albertan wine trade as to the qualities of New York wines and their availability to the market. Results after the Nov 2015 event have already been reported. As a result of the buyer’s tour and GBI tasting, 7 small companies received orders from various retailers and restaurateurs in Calgary. One of these wineries is new to the export program, and an additional winery is new to the Alberta market. Damiani Wine Cellars (Burdett) which is new to the export program; Boundary Breaks Winery (Lodi); Keuka Springs Vineyards (Penn Yan); Red Newt Cellars (Hector); and Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars (Lodi), the winery new to Alberta; have all received orders for 56 cases of wine each to be part of an upcoming fall promotion. Dr. Frank’s Wine Cellars (Hammondsport) has received an order that will eventually reach 150 cases by the end of 2017 for a wine by the glass program at one of Calgary’s leading properties. Fox Run Vineyards (Penn Yan) will have a repeat appearance as the feature wine in premium suites at the Calgary Stampede and has wines in 5 properties including a by the glass program. The companies that had sales as a result of these events are all small family owned operations. This is a key step in expanding markets for their product which is key to growing their companies.