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U.S. Dehy Potatoes See Broader Horizons in Japan



Attachment Spud Success 15-16 Ing4 Japan Dehy


Japan Dehy - Hash Honey musterd dipping sauce_Koikeya

Product launches during MY 15/16 in Japan are helping create new growth avenues for U.S. dehydrated potatoes and building its reputation as a multi-purpose ingredient, thanks to Potatoes USA’s marketing program. Activities such as one-on-one merchandising meetings, seminars, product development assistance, provision of samples, and trade communications resulted in new product introductions that represent a surprisingly broad range of channels. One of those was traditional Japanese fare: Toyosu Co. Ltd., a rice confectionery manufacturer that operates 15 outlets called Kakitane Kitchen, developed three flavors of “Kakitane potato” using U.S. dehy. Kakinotane are a common snack in Japan