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MAP-Funded Promotions Increase Late Season California Grape Demand in the Philippines



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Philippines Promoter (2)

Six major retail chains in the Philippines participated in California grape in-store promotions, and helped to move California late season volume in November and December 2018. Using USDA-MAP funds, in-store promotions included California grape point-of-purchase (POP) materials emphasizing the California origin. Also, merchandising promoter personnel were used – California grape personnel stationed at the California grape display who interacted with consumers discussing availability, varieties, and the health attributes of grapes from California. The promoters also carried out best practice merchandising at the point-of-sale to maintain display size and product rotation. A total of 266 retail stores participated with POP – over half with large mass POP displays in December – and 77 stores had active California grape promoter personnel. During the promotional period, California grape volume increased in the 77 stores by 122 percent, to 71,789 19-pound boxes, from the pre-promotional volume of 32,323 boxes. Collectively, chain-wide California grape volume for the six chains during the USDA-MAP-funded promotion went from 73,132 19-pound boxes to 145,004 19-pound boxes; an increase of 98 percent. The return on investment for the six-chain promotion was $21 for every USDA-MAP dollar spent on the activities.