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Japanese Food Manufacturers Convert to U.S. Potatoes as Ingredients



Attachment Japan Food Manufacturers Convert to US Potatoes


JA ingredient_Potato puree_Kenko Mayonnaise- Food Manufacturers Convert to US Potatoes

By convincing two major Japanese food manufacturers to switch to U.S. potatoes as an ingredient, Potatoes USA created net new usage that is expected to equate to 1,250 metric tons of U.S. dehydrated and frozen potatoes annually. The new products illustrate the success of Potato USA’s strategy to broaden usage and distribution channels by educating food manufacturers and others on the range of U.S. products available and their varied applications. This strategy has helped drive growth in U.S. sales in recent years, and during the first six months of the current year, aided U.S. frozen potato exports to increase 7% to $153.8 million and U.S. dehydrated potato exports to increase 9% to $15.2 million, during the period from July to December 2017.