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California Grape Exports to Vietnam Continue to Increase in 2018-19 Season



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Vietnam in-store promotion 2018

Assisted by USDA-MAP funds, California grapes were promoted in targeted retail chains in Vietnam August through December, 2018. Using activities such as in-store sampling demonstrations, display contests, themed point-of-purchase materials, and California grape mascots, a total of 314 participating retail stores promoted California grapes, up from 249 stores during the 2017-18 season. Season-long retail volume in 2018-19 was 317,172 19-pound boxes, a 23 percent volume increase over 2017-18 volume, for a value of $7.8 million. Total California grape export volume to Vietnam May through January 2018-19 was up 54.3 percent over the previous year, to 1,541,468 19-pound boxes (13,284 metric tons), for an export value of $39.3 million. The return on investment for the five-month promotional period was $47 for every USDA-MAP dollar spent on the program.