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ATP Funds Boost Branded Sales in UK/Ireland Despite Tumult of Brexit.



Attachment Success Story UK-Ireland - March 2020


Success Story UK-Ireland - March 2020 picture only

The California Prune Board (CPB) was awarded Agricultural Trade Promotion (ATP) funds to offset exports lost due to the U.S.-China trade war. CPB elected to utilize a portion of that funding to support the efforts of its branded partner Sunsweet, an agricultural cooperative, in the UK and Ireland. Sunsweet’s business and quality reputation and brand name are well respected by both the trade and consumers in throughout the EU and it has worked in a closely collaborative relationship with CPB for decades synchronizing both messaging and activities. The promotional campaign introduced a new environmentally friendly product package that consumers were expected to welcome over the longer term. New packaging design can often cause confusion with consumers and can lead to decline in sales, however, with ATP promotional support over the promotion period, Sunsweet exceeded its goal of increased unit sales by 100% and additionally increased the number of outlets stocking its product as well. In fact, the markets targeted with ATP funding are a bright shining light in an otherwise stormy EU trade sea. ATP funding boosted total CY 2019 California Prune exports to the UK and Ireland, 5% in value to $1.6 million and 12% in volume to 492 MT. The impact of ATP funding in the UK/Ireland is even more evident looking at just the nine months of the campaign (March-December) during which export value surged by 18% and volume an even more stunning 37% leaving little doubt as to the benefit of effective promotion in challenging market conditions.