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Horticultural Crops

JP Frozen at Retail delicatessens

U.S. Specialty Fries Build Presence at Japanese Retail Delicatessens 07/19/2018

U.S. specialty fries appeared on party platters and other deli items all over Japan this past winter when the delicatessens of four different retailers took to heart a series of tr... READ MORE »

Vietnam fresh tablestock

U.S. Fresh Table-Stock Potatoes Return to Vietnam05/03/2018

A Potatoes USA reverse trade mission and a series of retail promotions during October-November 2016 are reinvigorating U.S. fresh table-stock potato exports to Vietnam. U.S. potato... READ MORE »

Taiwan consumer nutrition

In Taiwan, Consumer Nutrition Campaign Makes Spuds a Popular Choice05/03/2018

A strong focus by Potatoes USA on educating consumers and nutritionists in Taiwan regarding U.S. fresh potatoes is helping build retail sales momentum. During the first six months ... READ MORE »

Myanmar Foodservice Market Development

U.S. Frozen Potatoes Building Momentum in Myanmar’s Foodservice Industry05/03/2018

Exports of U.S. frozen potato products to Myanmar during the first six months of the current 16/17 fiscal year exceeded full-year exports for all prior years, thanks to EMP-funded ... READ MORE »