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Horticultural Crops

Buyers Fuly Confident in CA Prunes China - image 08 10 2017

Buyers Fully Confident in CA Prunes China08/10/2017

Buyers Fully Confident in California Prunes - SIAL China READ MORE »

Japan - Value Added

Value-Added Ingredients Opening Doors in Japan for California Prunes to Establish New Market Opportunities05/24/2017

Utilizing MAP funds, California prunes’ penetration into the bakery, confectionery, and culinary markets increased the number and variety of prune-based inclusion products launched... READ MORE »

China O2O Promotions for California Prunes final

Online-to-Offline Promotions in China Create Demand for California Prunes05/24/2017

The California Prune Board (CPB) China uses MAP funds to organize Online-to-Offline (O2O) promotions to increase awareness and boost sales of California prunes in China. READ MORE »

Japan Tie-in

Tie-in with Japan's Biggest Cooking Shared Community Site Cultivated New Users and New Cross-Merchandising Opportunities for California Prunes05/24/2017

New Users and Cross-Merchandising for California prunes. READ MORE »