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Horticultural Crops

Japan - Top Athletes Seminar

California Prunes to be Recommended to Top Athletes of the Future06/12/2016

The Japan Dietetic Association extended an invitation for California Prune Board Japan to become one of the five bronze-class special sponsors of the "Sports Nutrition Seminar for ... READ MORE »

Poland - Jouralists

Poles Embrace "Real California" Prunes06/16/2016

Major press launch in Warsaw themed "Friends from California" attracted journalists from top internet portals and high-end publications. READ MORE »

Korea - Baby Juice 2

Korea - Baby Juice Products Using California Prunes07/06/2016/

Using MAP funds, the California Prune Board Korea partnered with major food manufacturers to launch baby juice products using California Prunes. READ MORE »

Luil - China

Large-Sized California Prunes Boost Sales in China 707/07/2016

Liuliu Orchards, one of the the leading dried fruit brands in China, launches product trial of large-sized California prunes. READ MORE »