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EU Market Opens Up to U.S. Rice04/26/2016

In 2006, the U.S. rice industry suffered a severe setback in trade with the EU. A non-approved genetically modified (GM) strain, LL601, was found in a commercial U.S. rice shipmen... READ MORE »


New Variety of Rice Introduced to Turkey04/08/2016

Turkey is a high priority market for exports sales of U.S. rice, in particular medium grain rice. U.S. rice, however, faces tough competition from domestic Turkish rice and cheaper... READ MORE »


USGC Engages In China To Overcome Technical Barriers06/26/2015

Starting in November of 2013, the United States’ third largest corn importing customer, China began rejecting some shipments U.S. corn shipments due to the presence of an unapprove... READ MORE »


USGC Rebuilds U.S. Corn Market Share in Egyptian Market06/26/2015

U.S. market share of Egypt’s corn imports rebounded from almost nothing in 2013 to 36 percent of 8.5 million metric tons (228.3 million bushels) in Calendar Year (CY) 2014. U.S. s... READ MORE »