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These success stories represent years of painstaking activities in these markets. These achievements are the result of long-range strategic planning among members' staffs, industry representatives, U.S. Agricultural Attachés, FAS marketing divisions and other FAS officials - the very fruitful public-private partnership between the U.S. agricultural sector and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agriculture Service.

Most Recent Success Stories

Nicaragua seed pg 19

U.S. Seed Program Creates New Market in Nicaragua11/23/2016

Nearly ten years ago, the market of Nicaragua imported a mere 200 metric tons of seed potatoes, none of it from the U.S. As of MY14/15, U.S. seed potato sales topped a record 1,113... READ MORE »

Donut pg 18

DO-NUT Forget the Spuds11/23/2016

To customers of donut shops across the globe, it’s not a question of whether they will be able to order U.S. potatoes — it’s a question of whether they want their potatoes in their... READ MORE »

Honduras pg 18

Honduran Snackers Develop a Taste for U.S. Chip-Stock11/03/2016

A major chip processor in Honduras gave new meaning to the saying “betcha just can’t eat one” when it introduced a slew of new flavored potato snacks this year made with U.S. chipp... READ MORE »

BM pg17

Trade Mission Helps Open Brand New Markets11/03/2016

A USPB trade mission to the emerging markets of Myanmar and Cambodia in March 2015 created greater awareness of U.S. frozen potato products through seminars and prompted one new im... READ MORE »