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These success stories represent years of painstaking activities in these markets. These achievements are the result of long-range strategic planning among members' staffs, industry representatives, U.S. Agricultural Attachés, FAS marketing divisions and other FAS officials - the very fruitful public-private partnership between the U.S. agricultural sector and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agriculture Service.

Most Recent Success Stories

Vietnam Chef Seminar

Chef Seminars Increase U.S. Potato Presence in Vietnam08/29/2018

A series of tailored chef seminars conducted by Potatoes USA in Vietnam is introducing new products to the market and new foodservice operators to U.S. frozen potatoes. So far this... READ MORE »

Philippine Consumer Nutrition Seminar

Consumers in Philippines Learn U.S. Potatoes Enhance an Active Lifestyle08/29/2018

A Potatoes USA nutrition seminar in the Philippines resulted in positive coverage that is helping create a new image for U.S. potatoes. Held in November 2016, the seminar educated ... READ MORE »


2017-18 California Grape Exports to Mexico Boosted by MAP-Funded Promotions06/04/2018

In 2017-18, retail promotional activities, funded by MAP, assisted in increased promotional volume and overall chain-wide volume of California grapes in Mexico. Retail promotional... READ MORE »

Guatemala photo cropped

Assisted by MAP-Funded Promotions, 2017 California Fresh Grape Retail Volume Grows in Guatemala04/12/2018

In August through December 2017, working with a major retail chain in Guatemala, California grape promotional activities were designed as incentives to carry, promote, and allocate... READ MORE »