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These success stories represent years of painstaking activities in these markets. These achievements are the result of long-range strategic planning among members' staffs, industry representatives, U.S. Agricultural Attachés, FAS marketing divisions and other FAS officials - the very fruitful public-private partnership between the U.S. agricultural sector and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agriculture Service.

Most Recent Success Stories

JA ingredient_Potato puree_Kenko Mayonnaise- Food Manufacturers Convert to US Potatoes

Japanese Food Manufacturers Convert to U.S. Potatoes as Ingredients07/23/2019

By convincing two major Japanese food manufacturers to switch to U.S. potatoes as an ingredient, Potatoes USA created net new usage that is expected to equate to 1,250 metric tons ... READ MORE »

China Retail Promotion photo

China Retail Promotion Delivers Holiday Sales Surge for U.S. Potatoes07/23/2019

An MAP-funded retail promotion with one of China’s top ten retailers stimulated strong holiday sales for U.S. frozen potato products, driving purchases of featured products up 80% ... READ MORE »

Central American Chip-Stock Training Photo

Seminars Improve U.S. Potato Processing Practices in Central America07/19/2019

Technical training for potato chip processors is helping pave the way for increased usage of U.S. fresh chipping potatoes by regional manufacturers in Central America. Potatoes USA... READ MORE »

Malaysia Social Media Campaign photo

A social media campaign launched by Potatoes USA in Malaysia Reached a Broad Audience7/19/2019

A social media campaign launched by Potatoes USA in Malaysia reached a broad audience with its message regarding the versatility and health benefits of the different varieties of U... READ MORE »