The U.S. Agricultural Export Development Council (USAEDC) is a non-profit private sector trade association with the following objectives:

  1. To provide a forum and an organizational structure for the exchange and coordination of information among its members and between them collectively and other groups, agencies and individuals;
  2. To cooperate with all branches of the government and the private sector to promote the export of the products of U.S. agriculture;
  3. To engage in any lawful activity, including the making and carrying out of any contract necessary, suitable, and proper for the accomplishment of its purposes and to do or perform every other act or thing incidental or pertaining to its aforesaid purposes and powers.

USAEDC's approximately 80 members are U.S. commodity trade associations, farmer cooperatives and state regional trade groups from around the country, representing the interests of growers and processors of a variety of U.S. agricultural products. They have come together under the USAEDC umbrella to assist them in their export promotion efforts, specifically those in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA/FAS).


While USAEDC's members are privately funded, they cooperate closely with USDA/FAS in developing overseas markets for U.S. agricultural exports. These activities focus on increasing the knowledge of and demand for U.S. agricultural exports by any combination of the following target audiences in a foreign market: consumer, processor, distributor, and/or importer. Promotional and development activities may include market research, trade missions, reverse trade teams, literature, trade shows, in-store promotions, demonstrations, ongoing evaluations, etc. USAEDC members and USDA/FAS jointly fund these activities. You may read more about this vital partnership in USAEDC's Briefing Book. Tab I explains why there is a Public/Private Partnership while Tab II describes how the partnership developed. Tab III demonstrates why the partnerships are important, highlighting Success Stories of some of the private partners. Finally, Tab IV outlines the rest of the FAS "Toolbox" available to the participants.


USAEDC serves as an information resource for its members about FAS, legislative and other efforts in Washington, D.C., which may affect their ability to export or conduct export promotion and development programs, as well as media reports on these programs. USAEDC also serves as a forum for its members and USDA/FAS to discuss the operation and implementation of these programs overseas.